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Embed Flash Element TD. Once happy with initial placement of your towers, click the start button to begin the wave. For the best results, please get the latest version of Google Chrome. And do you sell them off after that, or keep 'em around? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Only small optimizations left, I think. About how many cannons do you end up needing before you get fire?

The expenditure on the final 3 levels are very high so to get the best possible score you would have to get a game over on round 30 or maybe All of Mindjolt This Week. Upgrade towers to make them more powerful. I don't get how people get these high rlement. Use the Favorites editor.

Flash Element TD

I did fairly well with tons of arrow turrets, plus some special ones where they provided good coverage. Views Read Edit View history. Darn, I have not yet managed to beat Bonus level 3, 20k Hitpoints is just insane Water I've found to be surprisingly useful to slow enemies down as they go through your zone of most destruction. I beat level 17 with 3 3rd-level cannons and 1 2nd-level. Build another towers with upgrades to lvl 3 1 or 2 may sneak thorugh depending on your tower location Last Level: For the first 7 rounds I used 4 fully upgraded cannons 2 middle left, 2 bottom right and that was all I needed, I was lucky I didn't get an air attack wave though.

It may seem a silly question, but I buy a tower and then immediately max it's upgrade.

Flash Element TD (Tower Defense) - Walkthrough, Tips, Review

On the 8th turn I obtained the fire tower upgrade, sold the cannons and replaced them with level 1 fire towers. Here's my more-or-less optimized strat up to level15; beyond that I got a few leaks so I'm going to have to redo to perfect it. Hide the progress bar forever? Build 5 or tlash towers with upgrades to lvl 3 Bonus 4 How are you still alive?

Or maybe I just overlooked something Zombies Can't Jump 2. Elemeht means selling off fire towers in the last few levels is actually detrimental to your final score It's totally worth that gold!

Lost 13 lives, ended with about 6gs and probably 30 fire cannons. However, getting far with it may take several attempts. This game uses modern browser features which your browser doesn't support. Xadrian, gold per damage ratio, it works out slightly cheaper to buy 5 or 6 level one towers then it does to get the same damage with a maxed out tower.

Keeper of the Grove 3.

We have reduced support for legacy browsers.

Blizzard released Starcraft with the ability it came on the cd for any user to create their own map with custom triggers. Sorry, I forgot to mention that in the review.

Tower Defense creators build new game company". Upgrading a couple of fire towers to 3 lets you get most of the way through the game. You'll be hooked to the addicting gameplay, and don't ele,ent a loss dissuade you from abandoning your towers and nation to the rampaging hordes. So I tried out that glitch and it does seem like the only way to beat the last two bonus levels, since I know I couldn't fit this many towers in normally.

Only the heaviest set of armor will protect you in these tough defense games and strategy games! Taking this to the extreme, I had a block of 33 towers where ordinarily only 12 would fit

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