Daana veera soora karna dialogue

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Lava Kusa is the only other movie with re-run value of three releases. Bheema attacks it which is against the war principle. But afterwards he comes to know that he is Sutaputra , but unable to remove his curse and to compensate he gives his bow, couch and chariot. Krishna reaches Karna in the form of Bramhin and begs arms, Karna even at this situation, breaks his golden tooth and donates to Krishna with his blood. Varalakshmi who has abandoned due to embarrassment.

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Actually, her re-entry into the films in her second innings was with the NTR's Chandashasanudu.

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Music was composed by Pendyala Nageswara Rao. Music composed by Pendyala Nageswara Rao. However, one can still see his daughters on the screen for a moment. Dharmaraja asks him to select any one of them as his equivalent to complete the war. After much mulling over and asking around, they finally zeroed in on Kondaveeti Venkatakavi to write the script and dialogues for the film. Given the arrival of DVDs etc.

Sr.NTR Famous Dialogue From Daana Veera Soora Karna || NTR , Sharada , Saroja Devi

Harikrishna did the role of Arjuna. Saroja Devi loves Karna. Bheema attacks it which is against the war principle.

Karna arrives and challenges him in the contest. In the first twenty years after its release, DVS Karna sold the highest number of tickets beating all the new releases for the dialgue in 13 different years.

The war begins after the collapse of Bhishma when he is on his Alpaseyam arrow bed, he calls Karna, says sorry for his action and explains the reason that he has done such thing to protect the piety. When they decide to announce the war, Shakuni calms him down and tells him that they can take revenge by inviting Dharmaraja to a dice game. She had a lot of doubts before agreeing to do the role.

Wrong Phone Call leads to marriage between 15 year old boy and 60 year old woman. It is difficult to defeat Karna, who has armor body protection Kavachakundalalu around his chest. Kondaveeti Venkatakavi KVK is an atheist, and he thus rejected the offer. At that time, he was the principal of a Sanskrit college. The Kauravas, arrive at IndraprasthaDuryodhana visits the Mayasabhawhere he is overawed with the beauty of the sculpture and architecture.

Due to loyalty, Karna has to do so. During the time of battle, Krishna secretly signs the life secret of Duryodhana is in his thighs. This was the only film in which you can see NTR's daughters, even for a second, on the screen in the dance scene of "Jabili Kante Challanidi".

Because it is difficult to defeat him, Duryodhana asks Karna to destroy his bow which is against the war principle. Karna dies in Kunti's lap and his soul enters into the Sun god.

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Years roll by, Karna N. Parasurama accepts his request and Karna becomes expert in all fields of archery. In this film, he projected Duryodhana as a well-educated person who knew dharma and other things much better than anyone. Notable is the "positive spin" that the dialogues sooraa to Duryodhana's character without changing the original story any much, particularly in scenes such as vastraapaharaNam and raayabaaram, where he projects himself as the good guy and Pandavas and Krishna as crooked minds.

For this film also, he was chosen for the same role for a remuneration of Rs. On the first day of the shooting, she was so nervous that she took a lot of takes for her part.

After reaching the capital, a baby girl taking ghee accidentally slips in front of his chariot and the baby drops her ghee. Most of all, she was nervous to work with NTR as she was aware of his strictness.

After that film, she did many films with him. On the same day, he clapped the muhurta shot for this film. Next morning when Karna is returning after offering prayers to the Sun God, Krishna sends Kunti to request Karna to come and join the Pandavas or else take an oath that he should not kill any of them.

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