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This even has a notification system for child care to let parents know that they are needed in the children's area. It was shared with us that it would fulfill our need for Sunday morning worship. You are more than welcome to give our support line a call or send us an email to support easyworship.

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EasyWorship Reviews and Pricing -

EasyWorship has almost non-existent documentation. Our team enjoys using Easy Worship to project songs, scripture and video. One of the cons of the program is that it freezes a lot, and it had happened to us during the service. View full list of Church Presentation Software. Best software for live screen protection for church Cons: You can set up and plan your serve in the left side bar, including songs that have been pre-entered, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and more.

Learn more about Praisenter Free church presentation software for easy presentation of bible verses, in-presentation overlay notifications, and customization. Faithlife Proclaim by Faithlife Corporation 95 reviews. Gets the job done, but there are better products out there than Easy Worship to do the job. Not a ton if you are file opening, moving and attaching files, you could figure it outbut enough that the volunteer who can click buttons to advance slides may not be comfortable doing those things on the back-end.

It also has the ability to make really attractive presentations. Based on the mentioned cons, I believe you may be using one of the older versions of EasyWorship such as version or With over 20 integrated modules on a single database backed by unparalleled support it is the preferred PMS of an international clientele.

Cross-platform media and lyric presentation tool built for live presentations during worships, trade shows, and other events. exsy

Learn more about ZionWorx High-quality, affordable church presentation software that does its job with no fuss. It's not all the time, but it does get annoying especially when we haven't saved the slides yet. With versions 6 and 7, we began using a much more efficient database format that should make this issue nonexistent.

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Were you ever able to contact our technical support team about the crashing issue? I am glad to hear that our program has been an indispensable part of your worship services.

Great Presentation Software For Churches. We would love to have a mobile design, it would be something that you guys could implement for the future will work really good for the new generation.

My volunteers do okay with it.

We especially like the search feature for songs. This software is fairly intuitive. Easy fix is to just upload PPT files. I can create my best presentations in my private Sunday lessons without using my bible.

EasyWorship is easy to use as highlighted in its name.

Best Church Presentation Software | Reviews of the Most Popular Systems

Love it, would recommend it the highest. If you would like to try out EasyWorship 7 or if you have any questions or further comments, please let me know.

You Should Buy This. One of the easiest Church Presentation Wasy. If you wouldn't mind sending an email to support easyworship. Sometimes it tends to be a bit slow when going from one paragraph to another, so it requires you to select the same option more than once. If you have the time, I would be thrilled to talk owrship what we could do to make this a better experience both for yourself and our other users. I'm glad that you all have been enjoying EasyWorship in your ministry.

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