Cage code list

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Additionally, SAM shares the data with federal government procurement and electronic business systems. If you are unable to find an answer to your question using search, you can select to submit a ticket or you can select to chat with the FSD Service Desk. My entity is subject to FAR Subpart 4. How can we advertise to your users?

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You also agree to not hold anyone associated with hosting, managing, editing, or creating this site responsible for any misinformation, loss of contract, nor financial losses.

SAM collects, validates, stores, and disseminates data in support of agency acquisition missions, including Federal agency contract and assistance awards. You can access their website here.

Commercial and Government Entity Program

Feel free to send us requests to update your information on our website via our contact form. Please select Create a new account. You will have to navigate to the DLA's site.

Location of the Company is unknown. Any information provided in your registration may be shared with authorized federal government offices. They can also be used by Contractors when bidding Government Solicitations.

CAGE/NCAGE Code Request

Location of company is unknown. Please navigate to our contact form, located on our Contact Us page, if you discover any incorrect data. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Basically, if your company or entity wants to do business with the Government, you must have a CAGE code.

Navigate to our Contact Us Page and fill out the contact form. This website is intended for informational and educational purposes. If you are NOT doing business with the U. In all coed 3 cases, the liat is considered to be ineligible for Federal Procurement Programs.

Cage Codes

Agencies may also use the code for a facility clearance, or a pre-award survey. The CAGE Code supports a variety of mechanized systems throughout the government and provides a standardized method of identifying a given legal entity at a specific location.

Copy and or republication is not authorized without express written permission.

At that time you will use the new SAM system. Do I need to register in SAM?

If you would like to ask a listt, please "Submit A Question". If you are unable to find an answer to your question using search, you can select to submit a ticket or you can select to chat with the FSD Service Desk.

This data was published August of Why and what do I do? The format of cahe code is the first and fifth position must be numeric. What is a "source sought" notice?

SAM validates the registrant information and electronically shares the secure and encrypted data with the federal agencies finance offices to facilitate paperless payments through electronic funds transfer EFT.

The code is used to support a variety of mechanized systems throughout the government. What Notice Types are available? The data provided above was published as of August In addition, entities private non-profits, educational organizations, state and regional agencies, etc.

Commercial and Government Entity code

An Entity that provides intangible services. The information could also list a Company as any of the above conditions for which it might no longer be.

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