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Few apps have garnered as much praise as Sunrise. Tap and hold an event to drag it to a different date or access the copy and paste menu. Flexible printing Print your data in multiple layouts. Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for TechRepublic and Linux.

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Google Calendar sits comfortably in the Google Desktop panel, as you would expect, and is dezktop configurable. Try some of the other calendar apps soon to find a replacement.

Desktop Calendar - Download

Jorte, however, stands out most on mobile. If you use an Android device, chances are you already calfndar Google Calendar installed. Desktop calendar is quick to install, easy to use. Cozi is designed for busy families in mind, consolidating multiple calendars, to-do lists, and shopping lists in one app. OSMO runs in the background and does not display a widget on the desktop.

Wallpaper changer Set up a time interval, select pictures and Interactive Calendar will change your desktop background using a built-in wallpaper changer. Quickly send a meeting request from either email or the calendar. Do you recommend it? Desktop iCalendar Lite is another "widget" type calendar that lives, unobtrusively, in the upper right corner of your desktop.

The apps below function well as regular calendar apps, but incorporate additional sharing features like public calendar links so you can share your availability with the world. The good news is the old Sunrise team is working on incorporating these kinds of app integrations into Microsoft's Outlook iOS and Android apps. You can get recipes from Serious Eats, comics from xkcd, and more. Microsoft Outlook might be your best bet, since the Sunrise team is working on it.

You can also share your calendar and subscribe to other's calendars, import and edit your Outlook calendars, and much more. It is a free program that acts as a good alternative to the software that is already installed on your computer. Drag and drop an email onto the calendar icon in the navigation menu to turn it into an appointment available in the Windows app only.

One Calendar

This is amazing software. You can also save calendars as web pages, control event permissions for desktoo, who's allowed to delete eventsand email your calendar as an ICS file. This is the Free version of the Pro calendar. VueMinder is one of the most powerful calendars around.

It is loaded with organizer features but one feels it could use a few more sorting and categorizing features too. You should be able to set the time interval: Not only do you get a day, week, month, and yearly views, the app offers multiple views within those categories. With this handy desktop tool you can organize your calendars, tasks, contacts, and notes.

Enter tasks for your various projects into your list, and SmartDay will place them on your calendar in the free time between your appointments. While this is a cool widget to have, unfortunately it's not quite as functional as the browser version. The calendar creation feature allows you to create printable calendars with over seventy layouts. Rainlendar allows you deskop set up alarms, reminders, tasks, and calendag.

Simple to share with others: In addition to the contacts, shopping, to-do lists, journal, and messages features, Cozi helps you create meal plans and grocery lists. In addition to calenar views day, week, agenda, month, text month, list, and yearyou have multiple options for styling how events look.

I really love how it is so easy to use.

No problem, Interactive Calendar is available in most popular languages. Doesn't install the actual program correctly - prompts pop up with unknown fill extensions.

Free on iOS and Android.

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