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Am volkano brixel upcoming musician How can i upload my song to skiza tune. Read more on this post- Do Kenyan artists make money through Skiza? To put it in perspective the Kenyan GDP is currently estimated at about Ksh 7 trillion so our creative sector should be contributing about Sh billion every year. A Skiza tune for a local song goes for 75 cents or basically Kshs 1 daily.

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Method 1 Here is the first way and probably the easiest way to unsubscribe from skiza tunes. Safaricom charges for this service and is by law required to pay royalties to the rights holders of the music they use.

Starving artistes their cash amounts to killing the golden goose that laid the golden egg. From the wide selection of the music provided, you are able to choose whatever music you like.

Would like to register my songs on skiza tunes. Yunes write in the hopes that I can document the stories of everyone I meet and everything that I see. Each content provider deals with a different genre of music. Yet thanks to a brave few, a glimmer of light remains at the end of a very dark tunnel.

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The reporting will be available on a real-time basis and will enable artistes to view their own earnings, a shift from the previous situation which saw only CSPs access the portal.

There you have it.

Select as the recipient of your new message. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The great thing about these SKIZA tunes is that it allows you to not only discover new music but to also bring your callers into the loop. It all depends on the license agreement you sign with the respective aggregator.

Safaricom increases Skiza earnings for musicians from 22pc to 30pc - Capital Business

Despite all the hullabaloo surrounding Skiza payments, on her part, Size 8 is laughing all the way to the bank. I need to get some music content for my online portal.

For one, it is a great way for musicians to promote their music.

To sweeten the deal of promoting their music, artists earn money depending on how often their music hoe selected by customers as a SKIZA tune.

Read more on this post- Do Kenyan artists make money through Skiza? Select the song you want the statements on Once you are done with this process, you will receive an SMS text detailing your revenue payable to you. From Blueband To Hollywood: Kindly check back directly with the office you had visited before.

Digital content includes music, screen-savers, short video clips. For artists to get their music on SKIZA, they deal with the companies that have been contracted to do that. When your friends call you, and as they wait to connect, they could listen to your favourite songs and fall in love with it.

Having a skiza tune enabled on your Safaricom line is a great way to entertain your callers. Sassy TV girl lands major deal days after coming clean about her financial troubles. You need information to accurately value your intellectual property; otherwise people will take advantage of you.

Kenyans, don't embarrass yourselves with the wrong ringtone and dial tones ▷

Email required Address never made public. Removing all skiza tunes from your phone will essentially deactivate or unsubscribe you from this Safaricom service. It is possibly the single biggest revenue earner in Kenyan Showbiz, and in efforts to continue empowering Kenyan artistes make a living from their music, Skiza has increased the percentage on their artistes earnings. This article will show you how to remove skiza tunes from your Safaricom line.

Good article, are you in a mzny to share the returns in revenue per content posted an artist may get from specific content providers. At the moment of this writing, this is option number 2. The legal assistance will empower artists when it comes to negotiating their contracts with the various parties, allowing them to do so from a more tunew view.

Though Skiza has made major strides in this trek, it still has a long way to go.

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