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By September Tracy Keenan Wynn was writing the screenplay. At one point, the complicated plot has Harper and Kilbourne's wife Mavis Gail Strickland locked in a hydrotherapy room, with the water rising to the ceiling, hence the film's title. It's great fun to get up in the morning and play Harper. David Foster Lawrence Turman. Season 2 Doctor Who:

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One scene features a corrupt cop, Franks Richard Jaeckelwho eventually meets his end when Jay Hue spurs two male attack dogs on to kill him; the dogs leap onto Franks, killing him offscreen.

Peter Dassinger as Peter. Harper is caught up in a power struggle between Olivia, the owner of the valuable, oil-rich Drownin estate, and oil tycoon Jay Hue Kilbourne Murray Hamiltonwhile local police authority Broussard Anthony Franciosa has a personal interest in the family and wants the private eye gone. February 17, Rating: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Andrew Robinson as Pat Reaves. As a convoluted caper it rhe action rather than character and surface mystery rather than meaning. October 23, Rating: The Drowning Pool original movie poster. The Drowning Pool is a American thriller film directed by Stuart Rosenbergand based upon Ross Macdonald 's novel of the same name.

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Views Read Edit View history. Stylish, improbable, entertaining, superficial, well cast, and totally synthetic.

Season 4 This Is Us: Newman's Harper survives beatings, traps and a variety of enticing offers with quips, charm and inherent decency projected in underplayed, workmanlike style. The setting is shifted from California to Louisiana. Anthony Franciosa as Broussard.

Death SpaChopping Mall.

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All the usual ingredients are here; smart mouthed detective, hard-nosed cops, promiscuous young girl, shadowy land baron and the inevitable mix of small time hoods and snitches. June 17, Rating: If you enjoyed the first, I can't see you not liking this.

Unfortunately, Rosenberg directs flatly, hopping from one set piece to the next, disjointedly throwing characters of varying interest across Newman's path.

March 14, Full Review…. Leigh French as Redhead. David Foster Lawrence Turman. The story was extremely intriguing and entertaining, while also having a light hearted, comedic tone. Newman said "a character like Harper is very easy. Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Richard Derr as James.

There was location filming in Lafayette and New Orleans. Season 3 The Walking Dead: Film Comment; New York Vol.

Iris Devereaux Joanne Woodwardthe wife of a wealthy oilman from Louisiana, hires Harper after she receives a threatening letter. Richard Jaeckel as Detective Franks. Cecil Elliott as Motel Switchboard Operator.

A blackmailer is threatening to tell Iris' husband James Drwoning Derr about a recent extramarital affair; she claims this indiscretion never happened, though she has been unfaithful in the past, and years ago had a brief fling with Harper. At drownijg point, the complicated plot has Harper and Kilbourne's wife Mavis Gail Strickland locked in a hydrotherapy room, with the water rising to the ceiling, hence the film's title.

This was Coral Browne's first film after her marriage to actor Vincent Price in

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