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CotEditor has powerful search and replace feature. Spend less time on repetitive tasks. The biggest advantage of using this tool is its customizability.

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You are free to customize your toolbar. Kompozer is a great option for beginners to create a professional looking website. Simple file browsing system to provide you quick output. Apart from the usual features, Aptana Studio has built-in Git integration.

You are welcome to give PageBreeze to your customers or include it with other products for example, a web hosting accountas long as you do not sell the software separately. You can know more about Emmet abbreviations from here.

Though there are many webmasters who still love to do that. Full-screen mode gives you more screen space and clutter-free editing.

Free HTML Editor, Visual WebPage Editor | PageBreeze Free HTML Editor

You can modify any element using point and click. HTML-Kit is a full-featured editor for markup and codeoptimized for web htmo. TemplateToaster is a terrific website design software! Easy to insert tags and other HTML code form the toolbar. Syntax highlighting feature to give you the clear idea.

Auto-completion Auto indentation very useful Macros and extension support. Download size is about 8 MB.

HTML Editor with Modern Comforts

Split screen view for the live preview of your site. You can also read about best HTML validators. Easily generate favicons from pictures, graphics and Twitter handles. Whereas, if you want to access the main features of it, then you will have to buy the license key for that. Easy multiple page handling. Atom is developed by the same guys behind GitHub and touts itself as a hackable text editor.

So you can always be sure you are seeing exactly what you will get. That being said you can make your life easier by using good HTML editor.

Vamsi Krishna May 19, Apps. Kompozer offers you cross-platform compatibility.

6 Best Open Source HTML Editors | TechWiser

Code editors or HTML editors are the most important part of website development. Though Visual Studio Code is primarily a source code editor, it has a built-in debugger to effectively deal with bugs. Pick any of your choice and test drive for as long as you want.

Color-coded HTML source tag editor. What You See Is What You Freewware editor as the name implies itself that it is an editor that gives you the result exactly the same what you see. We appreciate that, and for such people, we will continue with our topic best HTML editors. CotEditor is an open and free to use editor. PageBreeze is a product from FormBreeze.

CotEditor automatically backs up your data while you are editing. Out of the list of the documents, simple drag and drop the code snippets.

One of my favorite feature of brackets is the live update.

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