Call of duty black ops 2 multiplayer maps

By | 06.10.2018

If I'm on the good team I lead the lobby. Everyone likes nuketown more for no reason. I usually have to pull out the svu here.

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Just watch out if your a sniper because if that's your style then be sure to cover the entrances!

Shotguns and snipers are just bent. Bottom 5 map for sure.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 II | BO2 - Multiplayer Maps - COD: Black Ops 3

I can understand the hate for this map, but this map just fits my mid-range playstyle. Nice and big, boring for most but if you know spawns it's easy to go on streaks or feeds. This map can play well, just be wary of rooftop campers! When I spawn trap here, I'll at least let you get to the main building.

Surely and safely one of the best maps in this game. Hijacked is way better than nuketown; better for camping and running around, the tunnel and side ward platforms at the side of the ship are brilliant for outmaneuvering the enemy.

Multiplayer Maps

I get a few acll stars and my only relentless medal here, but for a small map I frequently have problems finding people and there are so many campers. Best map because there are no good camping spots.

Love-hate relationship with this one. Yemen is the best map on the game by far, it's so fast-paced you wouldn't believe it. Love it when you get killed from behind If I'm on the good team I lead the lobby. It's only playable if you are on the winning team.

Black Ops 2 (BO2) Multiplayer Maps - Call of Duty - Unofficial Call of Duty

Nuketown is fun V 39 Comments. Spawns are impossible to read, people literally spawn right behind you. I love this map. One of the easiest maps to spawn read in the game.

Considering it's a bleak enviroment with bleak colors with a ton of crap scattered all over. It's boring because you're just running around shooting xall in buildings, but I still do great here.

Super easy to spawn trap but if you're a decent player, it's still easy to break a spawn trap. Always got good here I don't know why people don't like it.

Also has some of the easiest spawns to predict in the game. Otherwise one of the best maps. Spawns are relatively easy to read as well Hate it. This is in my top five favorite maps in all of call of duty Great map, excellent for competitive games Second best after nuketown V 7 Comments.

This map is really underrated, great gameplay. Spawns are relatively easy to read as well. This is the best map. See a factual error in these listings?

But it is now has better pixels and has a very cool movie theme to it.

It also supports almost all weapons. This map is good for all, all guns, and is small enough that there's back action going on, but large enough that you're not constantly getting shot in the back.

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