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Huge shoutout to roxahris here, who positively ID'd these in the credits and data files and emailed me about it. I also wanted a font that included the numerals that Eorzea was missing. Bizarrely, they also screwed up at least one of the characters: Even if you don't care about the Hingan this can be an alternate way to download Extended for regular Eorzean letters since the main link seems to frequently get taken down by Dropbox.

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This brand new revamped version of the Final Fantasy Font now has the whole english alphabet in Capital Letters I wouldn't know where to start on the lower case letters. Eorzean Cursive is my second font and this time Fonal went for sweeping, elegant ginal.

Then just add the following line to your CSS file:. Since MS Word and Photoshop are the most likely programs I foresee these fonts being used in, here are a couple links that explain how to enable kerning in them:.

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Staying in these lines isn't completely essential since I add the letters to the font one at a time and need to resize them anyways, I don't have a program automatically scan them all. Fantash my latest revisions, I've also provided the alternate.

Spacing after a character is one "pixel" greater than the system recommends. Unless you say otherwise I'll assume you want normal spacing between the letters, but if you'd rather have the letters squished together condensed or spread out expandedlet me know and I can make that happen.

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Remember the font won't just be for you after all! What this does is tell the browser to first load the font locally on the user's computer if they have it installed already, which will save you bandwidth. Inspired by the way I occasionally write our weekly dinner menu and shopping list for my wife's amusement, I decided to take that same tall, compact style with crisp neat lines and adapt it to Eorzean.

In general you're looking for sans-serif with double-story lowercase a, and single-story lowercase g. You can also add more url arguments at the end for additional fallbacks. Uncial is a type of insular script that was often used in old religious manuscripts and other scribework in the 4th—8th centuries, i.

Fantaey fonts presented on this website are their authors' property, and are either freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain. It's slightly more than just the other font with character width changed--as I'm taking the grid placement in the name entry screen to be the mono version, some characters also have additional space on the left side, not just the right.


I more or less traced what letters were available and then improvised those that were missing. Fat Fantasy by Intellecta Design. Your comment will fony after moderation Eorzean Fraktur is a second move towards the "fancier" side of styling.

All fonts at Fonts4Free can be downloaded freely, we do not sell any fonts in our archive.

No unhelpful, off-topic, or faantasy answers. Obviously several characters are missing or use Latin glyphs because they aren't included. All comments must be helpful and relevant. Chrome in particular seems to handle the. I'll try my best to also give out a close approximate from those commonly preinstalled with most operating systems that would be hard to tell the different at a glance but also won't break your wallet.

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The perfect choice for invitations to your Ceremony of Fantssy Bonding! The Extended version ront used to display the sample below. As such, much of the credit for this font deserves to go to the creative staff at Square Enix, and for the most part I only wrapped it up in a nice package for people to use.

You can download and use the font free for personal projects. After some discussion on the FFXIV Lodestone forums about whether it was possible to make a decent looking joined-up style fntasy Eorzean writing, I took it upon myself to meet the challenge fianl this font as the end result. While I do provide the original file as a mirror download, I have made edits to address the above shortfalls and added the most basic accents and ligatures into an 'Extended' version, available as a completely separate download above.

Final Fantasy Elements by David Pustansky. I do encourage including as many of the strange letters as possible though, to expand Eorzean for use into as many international languages as possible.

I welcome and encourage you to do so, that's why I made them! Someday I might consider adding these in. I haven't done a thorough check over every single character for any other errors.

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