Dvorak cello concerto

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That is my idea and I cannot abandon it. After arriving back home Dvorak, mourning the death of Josefina Kounicova, considerably expanded the end of the movement: The movement ends with the cello playing harmonics very quietly. Adagio ma non troppo 3.

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Problems playing these files? With its major-key variations on the main themes, the recapitulation introduces a rather more optimistic mood and leads into a stunning coda.

On 3 October Dvorak wrote to Simrock, stating the following: The concerto ends allegro vivo presented by full orchestra.

Xello facts, however, are more prosaic: This entire passage of music might be regarded as a form of epitaph for Josefina. The finale, he wrote, should close gradually with a diminuendo "like a breath Leo Stern who says he knows the Work. A dvlrak of Josefina appears in the second movement of the concerto.

After initially refusing, mindful of his promise to Wihan, Dvorak finally agreed to the choice of Stern. He had never been particularly drawn to the concertante form; he had thus far only produced two instrumental concertos with orchestra: I hope that he will agree to it, but it would be good if you wrote to him asking him if he would perform it.

A fast scale leads into a loud tutti section presenting new material. The orchestra plays the new modified theme again.


If you put the concerto into the program, I could not come at all, and will be glad to come another time. The cadenza in the last movement is not in the score, nor in the piano reduction; I told Wihan as soon as he had shown it to me that it is not possible to cobble the work together in this manner. The first movement in sonata form begins with an unusually lengthy orchestral introduction lasting 86 bars, during which both main themes are exposed.

Allegro B minor then B major ; about 15 minutes Adagio, ma non troppo G major ; about 12 minutes Finale: After the resolution by the solo dvoram, there is a modulation in which the winds play an E-flat minor chord, changing the key. Dvorak must have had a particularly strong affection for this theme since, in spite of his famous external emotional restraint, he wrote of this melody in a letter to Gobl, admitting: He handed the cello score with piano accompaniment over to Peer for review but neither bothered to finish the piece.

A Discography," Appendix C of Tibbets ed. The slow movement, though of rather excessive length, is very beautiful, and the finale dvoak yet by no means trivial. But Dvorak insisted upon his conception and resolutely rejected the idea of a cadenza.

Dvorak himself recommended Wihan as the soloist for the premiere: The concerto was published in by N. Rvorak from " https: After the London performance, Stern again played the solo part in what may have been the second public performance, in Prague on 11 Apriland later again in London.

Antonín Dvořák: Cello Concerto in B minor - Classic FM

celoo Dvorak wrote this work during the final academic year of his time in the United States. In December and during the concerto was performed by a few cellists and conductors in England and the United States, including Stern in Chicago in January On 3 October Dvorak wrote to Simrock, stating the following:. Its outer sections treat the same thematic material which is varied at the close of the movement in some kind of quasi improvisation piece.

A gradual crescendo leads into a dramatic woodwinds and strings section. I had to dvoral almost seven hours a day in order to master it. The reviews of the premiere were extremely complimentary, both towards the work itself, and its interpretation: This concerto requires a lot of technical ability, especially in the coda, where the cello plays octaves and many double stops.

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