Driving test hypnosis

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Program your mind for driving test success! With an emphasis on quality, we strive to create, develop and produce the best self hypnosis audio programs we possibly can. Higher-speed areas — merge onto a motorway or highway Hypnotherapy for driving test nerves will teach you to relax and let go, it can help to grow your confidence and put everything into perspective so that you can go out and pass that driving test.

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I seized the certificate the teenage me had once hypnosie and headed out to celebrate on that old favourite, rum and Coke. Higher-speed areas — driving a curve The third time however I had let go of the anxiety and I sailed through.

Overcome Driving Test Nerves

It can even lead to panic attacks and the thought "I will never be able to pass my driving test" How can you break this cycle of nerves and anxiety?

The examiner who'd previously witnessed my girl-racer act now had to deal with a childish tantrum as I got out, slammed the door and shouted, "Leave hyponsis alone!

You can contact me on for help and advice or email me on info markpowlett. Once you start thinking about the next driving test you can already see yourself nervous and stressed and on the way to failing.

Button failed first driving test. I was marked down for 20 minor faults and failed again. When I finally felt comfortable enough to sit my practical, I was frustrated to find that although normally comfortable when driving, when it came to the test I had extreme anxiety.

Pass the driving test - oxford hypnotherapy and hypnosis tapes

Within this deeper state of mind, you will discover solutions to any potential challenges, followed by a mental rehearsal of your driving test. Many people make a mistake early on in the test and believe they have failed.

Does your heart start racing and your head start swimming every time you think about getting behind the wheel with an examiner, whose job is to judge each and every move you make?

Something had to be done, and after hearing about the reputed 90 per cent success rate of hypnotherapy, I made an appointment to see Tim Martin, whose Harley Street consultation room is regularly visited by anxiety-prone celebs.

Turning right at a Give Way sign Imagine what it would be like to: It can also be helpful to use visualisation in hypnosis which is a bit like a rehearsal [ read our separate guide here on using visualisation to help with your driving test ] — to imagine getting things right on the test and maintaining the appropriate mental, physical and emotional state.

Because by changing your thoughts and feelings, at a subconscious level, you will be able to pass!

Teaching instant self hypnosis during which clients can use positive affirmations and visualisation to support the process of change. You must be logged in to post a comment. Pass that driving test with the help of self hypnosis! The first part the hypnotherapy session is to discuss the problems and challenges you have experienced in the past and identify the things which can help, for example being relaxed, confident, focused, etc.

Of course, it's very important! It's a simple way to understand how once you begin to imagine that you will fail then the chances are more likely that you will! At 56 I was beginning to think I was too old to learn how to drive.

Turning left at a Stop sign A fortnight later on the day before my test I had a dricing hypnotherapy session, which concentrated on visualising a positive result. Do your hands get sweaty? I make a live recording of the hypnotherapy during the session so you can take the CD with you and repeat the process on a daily basis at home. How important is it to pass it on the next attempt? Friday 26 October Produced to the Highest Standards!

Using hypnotherapy to help you pass your driving test

I also think that it probably made me a better driver than those who passed first time. It could be one of the best investments you ever make in yourself. At first, cars and I didn't really get on, even though as a teenager trst to tick off each rite of passage as soon as it was legal if not soonerI signed up for driving lessons at the earliest opportunity.

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