Ice age 2 the meltdown

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Spies in Disguise Nimona Foster Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ice Age: It's still of considerably lower quality than the work of Pixar or DreamWorks, but Fox's Blue Sky animation department seems content to be third best. Retrieved July 1,

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While Manny, Diego, and Sid try to escape, Scrat remains behind at the doomed glacier, still obsessed with that same old acorn. Much to Manny's annoyance, Sid later invites Ellie, and her opossum brothers, to tag along with the group to escape the flood as Diego and Sid agreed it could be Manny's last chance to save his species.

As an additional marketing ploy a special "anti-cell" spot was created with Sid complaining to the audience about a ringing cellular phone. The Meltdown Ice Age: It was again directed by Carlos Saldanha, and it tells a story of the protagonists discovering a tropical world inhabited by dinosaurs.

Moving back to warn the other animals, Manny, Sid and Meltdoan slide down the Eviscerator and nearly collide with Fast Tony, whose lies they confirm as true, to the skepticism of the other animals.

During the same evening of this cameo, Sid was hosting the entire FOX line-up, showing up in intermittent times between commercials. March 31, JP: It's too early to say, but it's certainly something we'll explore.

Ice Age: The Meltdown - Wikipedia

Sid encounters the mini-sloths again - they believe Sid stopped the flood and invite him to be their leader. As Manny and Diego go up to get him down, they see that Fast Tony's claims were correct: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ice Age: A vulture tells them that there is a boat at the other end of the valley that may save them all, but they only have three days to reach it or die.

Their only hope is to march to the end of their ice locked valley, where a vulture tells them a Noah's Ark like boat waits to save them from the impending flood. They discover an area which Ellie recalls as the place where she was adopted.

They have improved on themselves if not on their competition. Fast Tony is a con artist, and not exactly a reliable source of information. While, from inside the giant boat, the valley animals animals look out astonished, as they meltdoown to the mercy of the shifting water currents. Manny and his pals from the previous film convince the other animals around them to escape.

A shifty Armadillo named Fast Tony Jay Leno tge the animal's reverie to tell them that the end of the world is coming. The episode originally aired the week before the film opened. One of the posters for the film was a parody of an iPod advertisement, with "iAge" replacing "iPod" and an acorn replacing an iPod.

While they march, Scrat, the Looney Tunes inspired squirrel featured so heavily in the movie's trailers, is intercut into the story almost as an intermission between chapters. Sid is kidnapped by a tribe of mini-sloths who believe Sid to be a god.

Ice Age: The Meltdown

Articles with short description Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages Use mdy dates from May Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. It's Acme gags with a little more story and a little more heart. Continental Drift in and Ice Age: However, as the vulture further explained, the valley had exactly three days before the dam would break and reach the geyser fields until: Two boys run in fear after Ic Tony a six banded armadillothe valley's local con artist, claims that the earth will flood and that the bark and reeds which he sells are crucial for survival.

After settling down for the night, Manny and Ellie discover a willow grove where Ellie recalls a flashback of being taken in by her eventual opossum mother as a mammoth calf. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For meltdowj game, see Ice Age 2: The fifth film, Ice Age: After mektdown accidentally fall down the waterfall, Manny warns everyone of the valley's impending doom, if the damn should break.

At that moment, however, a vulture known as the Lone Gunslinger appears and states that the valley will flood over, with the only means of escape being a boat at ic end of the valley, which they must reach before three days, when the waters hit aage geyser fields near the boat.

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