Credit card application form

By | 18.08.2018

Splitting a lengthy process into steps is a good way to chunk down a large number of questions into sections, making it easier for a customer to complete. And who needs to go back to the drawing board? Wealth Solutions Secured Wealth Lending. One way to understand if you should reduce or increase the number of steps in your process is to look to the market.

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The range of fields that a user must engage with to apply for a credit card is significant - the shortest form contains 17 fields whilst the longest contains It has numerous UX benefits: The postcode lookup is used almost everywhere, but is much slower compared to the inline search bar.

Reduce your fields, reduce your form completion time. applicahion

Among the most important and influential are:. So how do you fine-tune your fields and reduce their overall number? Use our live message service to talk to our consultants. The latter has 43 fields, which means the. Not only does a higher number of fields mean more time within the field, but also time between the fields, as the user completes one question and moves to the next one.

Find out more about online security tips by clicking here. A field that asks for an email address aplication show a keyboard that makes the " " symbol visible without having to press the shift key.

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Having visible contact details will help both groups of people, and those who just want to know that you're a reputable brand that's willing to share a phone number. A secondary issue is the type of fields used: Please don't use a webmail address. I recently wrote about replacing drop downs with radio buttons.

When your process requires this information then offering an explanation as to why you need it, and what you use it for, is an important optimisation.

I ranked each application and eligibility form I scored each form based on the likelihood that a potential customer will convert. The effort and time required for HSBC's field form is huge, whereas Capital One have a light and easy to complete process. An example of automatically gathering data is the use of an API, the most used example is postcode lookup but there are other APIs that can draw the users full name from just an email address.

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Adding this functionality to a field is relatively easy, and it generally has a positive impact on conversion rates. Firstly, there's one less input element for potential customers to complete, reducing the time required and the potential that a user will abandon the process.

Showing text around a field is an effective way to make sure that your explanation is always visible, but using an credot popup that displays the message on the current field, as the user moves into it is a good way to make the message highly visible.

The type of information required is varied and will not always be at the front of the users' mind e. The use of keyboard types on mobile devices makes it easier for potential customers to complete a form as it shows them the most relevant keyboard for the data input.

Eligibility forms are often referred to as quick check forms, and there is an expectation from applicatiob user that it will be a short process.

Whilst reducing support costs is important, building trust is a critical factor in form completion. What are the likes of Aqua, Capital One and Nationwide doing right? Yes, it may reduce support costs, but think carefully whether applicatipn outweighs the opportunity to gain more customers. Our Reports See our user behaviour reporting Installation Consultancy.

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Splitting a significant process into multiple steps allows the user to complete it in chunks. Overall, the figures range from one to eight steps application and one to four steps eligibility.

Who’s Winning At Credit Card Application UX?

Having visible contact details for customer support was also part of the scoring process, and using inline validation boosted scores further. For the full site experience, please enable Javascript on your web browser.

I scored each form based on the likelihood that a potential customer will convert.

Using Explanations to Increase Conversions Forms on Financial Services sites ask personal questions - like your date of birth, employment status and your annual income.

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