Final cut pro x 10.0.5

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Loading a library from a SAN is significantly faster You can eject drives after the libraries on those drives are closed It is much easier to move clips with transitions in the timeline and lift them out of the Primary Storyline with transitions preserved Clips can be trimmed completely out of a timeline when using the rolling trim function Media management functions can be cancelled with undo Quitting the application cancels background processes 5. Please feel free to start a support case if you would like: Custom Project Frame Sizes Native support for. Ralph Stover January 22, at 6:

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Aharon Rabinowitz November 20, at Fixes an issue in which changes were not properly saved when working off a SAN.

Final Cut Pro X

Monica, Here is a link to the download page: Lousy support guys, sorry. Kaylinn Solazzo October 24, at 2: Krystal October 26, at Please enter your product serial number below: Kaylinn Solazzo November 16, at We are all relying on Apple for a fix as we are unable to access the area causing the bug.

Stefan March 29, at 2: Makes me very wary of buying plugins anymore. This would be information fianl our support team would need to look into.

This is a known issue within FCPX Loop Play with Play Selection enabled will continuously loop playback while making adjustments in the Inspector.

I would be happy to fill out a feature request on your behalf regarding this compatibility. Would z to know what products you are referring to.

Dual viewers, each with a video scope display, let you compare shots to match action and color. Thank you so much!

Choose between Filmstrip and List views for browsing media, and save frequently used locations to the Favorites sidebar for fast access.

The Reference New Parent Clip command allows you to select any Compound Clip in the timeline and save a duplicate to an event in a single step. Kaylinn Solazzo January 24, at And in pluraleyes 3 futage from mark III all-I compression paint fimal red color.

Final Cut Pro version Adding Item To Your Cart. Darius November 20, at Kaylinn Solazzo October 24, at 3: Rupert November 14, at Renders randomly exhibit s frames throughout the project. XML import and export, server support, multicam editing, chapter markers, and broadcast monitor support.

FCP X and OS : Apple Final Cut Pro X

We are just as anxious as our customers for this fix to be released. Rupert, There is no workaround at this time. Kaylinn Solazzo November 5, at 4: And unlike before Libraries could be opened and closed by the user. The Color Board merged with a new Color Correction effect to allow for more flexibility in stacking layers of effects. How about giving us some type of update on how close you are to fixing this issue?

Rupert January 8, at 3:

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