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Plenty of people love to play Tetris, Pacman and other simple platform, puzzle or shooting games. It was almost cheating. February 17, shooter. One of my primary loves.

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Game Maker 6 created Mark Overmars is an excellent shareware program that makes it easy to create your own PC games. I'm curious, what were you trying to make happen?

Based on code by Dayjo Aspen www. These examples have been written to help others learn how to do various things with GameMaker. Though you may not be able to make games like Quake they take teams of programmers years to makeyou can still make games that are lots of fun to play. These may not be the best way to do what they are doing, but they might help you. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it.

Permanent Link Edit Delete. Something does not work as expected? They were created with Gamemaker 5. Last edited on 12 Dec January 31, lem. This is the home of the Monster Game Archivewhich we try to make the most complete listing of Game Maker creations available.

Most of these were written to answer one or more questions posted in makeer GameMaker forums.

Game Maker 6 Examples

These are some things that are wrong with it. You are expected read: I made it for you to It was almost cheating.

You should work on that bug. February 18, shooter I've survived Dangun Feveron, and a bit sheepish about it. Click here to edit contents of this page. Whenever I died there was always a 1up power-up nearby for me to grab and regain my lost life.

Demonstrates how to draw 2 independent health bars. The goal was to make a game with a limited set of given resources without the possibility to add new resources to the game. February 17, shooter.

COM please feel free to look around and enjoy the resources available, If you find a broken link or some other sort of error and would like to report it, just click the Contact link ga,e the left hand side, or email me at mail dayjoaspen. Retrieved October 26,from http: To be perfectly honest, I absolutely hate the original and it's sequel bame This game won the 6th place. An example is a bare-bones program, containing just enough code or actions to get the desired effect.

I have survived DoDonPatchi and am proud of it. Last edited on 13 Dec Vertical and bullet hell shooters happen to be my personal specialty. One of my primary loves.

I second it, I saw it too.

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