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Air Assault is the ultimate helicopter game with great graphics and gorgeous effects! Upgrade your devoted army and rule the sea. Get rid of small monsters to protect the main character from nightmares!

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Superhero games See all games. This genre includes many shooter games with exciting missions.

A quest for the riches for the survival of the fittest soul will have you fight against creatures of old. Have you got what it takes to become the most powerful one of all?

Action Games - Free Download

Place your steampunk machines to win the battle against robots! In the mood to travel through time and prevent a nuclear war? Customize your spinner with lots of cool colors before you try it out in this action game. Use magic spells and hold off attacks gane hostile spiders! This sports game is totally bonkers! Gae you keep up with all of these bubbles? A Bomberman game with random levels! An epic battle is about to begin but these robots still need to be put together.

Get rid of small monsters to protect the main character from nightmares! Can you get the job done? How far will you get this squadron of squawkers?

Indiara and the skull gold.

Traditional etiquette says it's best to greet zombies with a firm handshake Can you construct an awesome spinner while you compete against players from all over the world? Soar through epic skylines Storm into buildings and shoot the hell out of terrorists. Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match! Defend your ancestral castle and defeat the invaders!

Advance by upgrading your stats, and by learning new abilities. It is the main idea behind the all action games.

Free Online Action Games

Join the battles of mass destruction and tactical rescues! Recharge is a 2D strategy with a view from the side. Play now and experience the thrilling pirate adventures! In this section FreeGamePick team offers you to get acquainted with our big collection of action games.

Control Naruto, Sazuke or Goku and fight other popular anime and manga characters on this sequel of the popular fighting game Anime Legends! Can you help him find some tasty humans to eat? Track down some awesome weapons, of course! Your ranch is in danger. Xction time for war has come and you need to raise both your army and settlement! Fire on the Water. Imperia Online Join millions of players online in this ultimate medieval strategy game!

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