Apache solaris 10

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Note — The ServerType directive does not exist in Apache 2. What you are about to enter is what is called a Distinguished Name or a DN. Nov 12

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Quick and dirty guide to apache on solaris 10

Save the change and exit editing. Place the Web server binaries on the local file system on each of your cluster nodes or on a cluster file system. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Note - Apache could fail to start with an error message similar to the following: Apsche install apache-sslsee the Apache installation documentation or the installation instructions at http: For Oracle Solaris systems, the httpd. Solarjs the Apache Web Server as described in the previous sections of this chapter.

For example, for a secure web server listening on ports andwith private keys for both encrypted using RSA, the keypass file could be the following. The following example changes the first letter in the name of the run control 1 from uppercase to lowercase. You must first enter the passphrase to access your keys.

Solaris how to install and configure Apache HTTP Server as a service | Luca Merello's blog

If you already have a private key appache certificate, go to Enabling Apache Web Server. You must install all of the required patches before configuring OpenSSL. Run apachectl configtest to check the Apache httpd. How did you restart Apache? It was quite a simple process, so I decided to write this guide as an informal foray into getting Apache up and running quickly.

Find all posts by fjt This section provides procedures for installing a non-secure Apache webserver. Switch to Threaded Mode.

Index of /dist/httpd/binaries/solaris

Install the Apache software using the installation procedures found in the Apache installation documentation. Locality Name eg, city []: Probably the first thing you want to look at is the DocumentRoot directive.

Sun Cluster HA for Apache works with the Apache software configured as either a a;ache server or a proxy server.

Note — The Sun Cluster HA for Apache can be configured to run in a whole root or a sparse root non-global zone, if required. You are about to be asked to enter information that will be incorporated into your certificate request. Caution sollaris You must remember the passphrase you enter.

Which version of Apache apachf actually running. Once the Apache packages have installed properly we can begin with the configuration. This change eliminates the strong ciphers that do not work well with OpenSSL.

Installing and Configuring Apache

Verify that all the Apache-related scripts have been renamed. Type the following command:.

Ensure that any logical hostnames or shared addresses that Apache uses are configured and online. Note - The default port is The Apache webserver can be installed and set up as either a non secure or a secure webserver.

On a cluster member, become superuser or assume a role that provides solaris. You can soolaris this file as a template and copy it as follows:. Invalid argument; must be one of: The time now is

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