Crane technical paper 410

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I've forgotten my password. This is not only morally correct; it is also ethically correct. I will share these with students on this Forum in the future. But I haven't looked into free articles. I hope you will be sharing you worksheets soon on this forum.

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CRANE Technical Paper US ()

I will share these with students on this Forum in the future. I did all the work and I'm not profiting from it. Posted 17 December - Pqper will assume the best impression of your post this time and take it that you don't know that you are dealing with copyrighted material - or that you don't know what copyrighted material represent.

That is true only in the criminal sense, when technicxl steal from others, or take what is theirs without repaying them. Featured Articles Check out the latest featured articles. If you use someone's information resource, and cite them thereby marketing them furtherthere's less of a chance that they'll feel "invaded" by the use of their information.

In short, it's important to execise common-sense judgement in using and distributing unlicensed content. Usually, these articles are in server locations that are meant for internal company use and education.

Crane's Technical Paper Started by binzeeDec 17 I believe the answer lies in looking at the magazine itself and reading to see if it is copyrighted and permission is required to copy the material.

I recommend you write him a short email explaining your idea and I'm sure he can give you a quick and accurate response as to the viability of such an idea. I think it isn't much, especially when you see what's inside I would like papre use this topic to ask you if it is possible to upload many of PDF or XLS documents from my e-library, which would be useful to many of forum members, not just students.

New Article Product Viscosity vs.

Gas Turbine Re-Ratings - posted in Ankur's blog. I believe Zauberberg, in trying to be polite, did not state it the same way I do. This is not only morally correct; it is also ethically correct. Posted 19 Cran - Your question is valid and poses a problem for me to answer. I've forgotten my password.

I have taken all the examples from Crane's Tech Paper and converted them to an Excel Worksheet - to show how fluid flow problems crzne resolved on a spreadsheet. I hope you will be sharing you worksheets soon on this forum. I have done Hooper's famous article on 2-K friction calculations, Hill's article on gravity flow calculations, etc. Thank you for your detailed explanation of what I was trying to say.

Crane's Technical Paper 410

In those circumstances, I don't really have a problem with that as there's not intent to profit from our articles. Tecnnical any body have Crane's Technical Paperif yes, please make it avaiable for download.

That way you are not copying the product. If there were a piece posted and they requested that we remove it, I would do so immediately. The real answer lies in the opinion of Chris Haslego, the owner of these Forums.

This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Every organization has their reasons for producing such content and when they produce the content, they own it in the form presented.

Before doing so, simply ask yourself this question, "Will this financially harm the copyright holder if I post this content. You can reach him through the Forum's email. Finally, if you do use information from a given source, providing the proper credit to them in your post is always a good idea.

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