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What makes Delphi Prism unique? We strongly recommend that you purchase Support and Maintenance for your RAD Studio product so you can get access to new Delphi Prism features as they become available, rather than having to wait and purchase an upgrade to the next major release of RAD Studio. Is there any functionality from previous releases that is no longer available in XE2? Delphi Prism combines easy-to-learn syntax based on the Delphi language with features not available in other. The license supplied with XE2 Trial is not limiting in any such way.

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Trial - what can I do? NET data sources, and the ability to build clients that connect to native Delphi DataSnap servers for rich multi-tier interoperability.

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Click the button to start downloading latest version: The license supplied with XE2 Trial is not limiting in any such way. Individual named user licenses AppWave network named and concurrent user licenses provide additional license provisioning flexibility and reporting. It would be freeware application written within these 30 days. Delphi Prism will compile against the CF assemblies. It is the same compiler that formed the basis of their Chrome and Oxygene products, which are now being superseded by Delphi Prism delohi to top What is the relationship between RemObjects and Embarcadero?

Delphi XE2 and C++Builder XE2 ISO (includes Update 4 Hotfix)

What's the best way for a new user to get started with Delphi Tgial XE2? How can I purchase Delphi Prism? Minimum service pack levels are indicated where applicable.

We are working hard on the product and we are improving it every day. Because of the way that the Microsoft Express products are installed, they will not integrate directly into installation of Visual Studio Shell.

Delphi Prism XE2 is sold under a subscription model so upgrade pricing is not available. That functionality is also no longer supported.

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Bob Swart 1, 5 4. RobKennedy - all right - Ill remember: You should have posted one question about what you're allowed to do with trial-created programs, and then posted another question about how well the trial works with other versions installed on the same computer.

With Delphi Prism XE2, you also get access to licenses for earlier versions? What is the relationship between RemObjects and Embarcadero?

If your machine doesn't have a copy of either the Shell or a Visual Studio Professional edition or above already installed, Delphi Prism will install the Visual Studio Shell for you before installing the Prism Oxygene language plug-in and features.

NET personalities of Visual Studio and not available for use by other language plug-ins.

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We evaluate the feature set of the xd2 for each new ex2. But still I think it should be possible to accept multiple answers, because sometimes question can be more complex and more answers can be helpful. Impact on the performance is negligible after a project is opened for the first time. Technical Questions Which version of the. Delphi Prism XE2 is available with multiple licensing options including: If you have a Blackfish SQL license from a previous version, you can continue to use it.

All other trademarks mentioned on this web site are the property of their respective owners. Are localized versions available? No -- Delphi Prism can be targeted to link against any version of the. Delphi Prism Professional features include: You must request your older version licenses within days of your purchase of the XE2 product. What makes Delphi Prism unique? What about second question? StarterProfessionalEnterprise and Architect for both languages: If you xs2 have a copy of Visual Studio or Professional or higher installed, Delphi Prism will integrate directly into your existing Visual Studio install automatically.

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