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Other Side of the Game song meanings. B uy Clash Magazine. It is the third single from her album Baduizm. Popular News Articles News. Girls Like You Maroon 5 Shallow feat.

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It is a ballad with lyrics that tells the story of a conflicted woman in a troubled relationship. Login with Facebook Error: Why not add your own? sive

We looked destined to walk separate paths. I always thought she was talking about blue collar work and she meant it's not honest because he works hard and has nothing to show for it.

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General Comment same here i thought that 'work' meant those crappy jobs that desperate ppl revert to like for example a cleaning job - the jobs that require hard labour with crappy pay. Views Read Othwr View history. This reminds me of an ex. Lyrics submitted by Madame Me. Neo soul jazz quiet storm. G and Mobb Deep. See me and baby got this situation See brother got this comlex ocupation And it ain't that he don't have education Cause I was right there at his graduation Now I ain't sayin that this life don't work But it's me and baby that he hurts Because I tell him right he thinks I'm wrong But I love him strong.

Badu sits on her bed in concern and frustration. Her bluesy tones reflective of Billie Holiday flourished later; though she hung onto the poetic twists and flows of the hip-hop that would lace itself throughout her career. This page was last otheer on 25 Octoberat Other Side of the Game song meanings. I feel like I may have poked a hole in the dam and let out all of the flood waters that were to the left to come through. Kinda reminds me of American Gangster.

Many of these artists became known for their contributions to the neo-soul movement, although it was not one that the creators embraced themselves. Search form Search ClashMusic. General Comment This song means otehr if you are in the drug business you should get out, because it not only hurts your customers, but it hurts those who are close to you. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. What you gon do when othe come for you Work ain't honest but it pays the bills yes it does What you gon do when they come for you God, I can't stand life without you.

Moments later, answers bdu door and is greeted by a pair of cops who drop off an envelope filled with money, likely from illegal activities. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist?

Erykah Badu – Otherside of the Game Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

B uy Clash Magazine. Excluir playlist Cancelar Salvar. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. THis means that she may have sold out because the money or 'gifts' provided her with stability and the ability to take care of her and her son.

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It is no secret the effect Erykah has on men both musically and culturally - the change in dress sense of her next boyfriend, Commonis evidence of that. Now 'brotha' im not as sure but i think he is the product of todays hip hop, because he is an educated man but he lives a life that isnt right in the eyes of god and erykah tries to tell him that but he is hard headed but she still loves sjde because thats her brotha in terms of ethnicity and finally 'precious gifts As the couple lounge around the house, Badu glances through a kitchen window and notices a police car parked outside.

He has a talent for spotting underground music that he feels is the next wave.

Don't you worry God gon see us through yeah Can't stop the revolution But we paid though.

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