Crystal gardens amanda quick

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Newcomers or insanely die-hard fans will probably appreciate this effort, but I generally a di When Evangeline Ames is attacked in her bed in the middle of the night, she climbs out the window and runs to safety - in the dubious form of the walled estate next door, its strangely luminous gardens, and its mysterious new owner, Lucas Sebastian. I felt like I was there in the Gardens, which might be a very strange experience indeed. If you are new to the author you might want to start with one of her earlier novels - Scandal perhaps, or Ravished. Dec 02, Amber rated it really liked it. Yes, I did a word search.

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The spark, magic, wit, and humor I used to rely on Quick for was just not here.

Who is responsible for the attempt on Evangeline's life? Please keep the conversation civil and help us moderate this thread by reporting any abuse. Konstantin I don't think so. When Lucas rescues her, Evangeline finds herself teaming up with her mysterious landlord.

The Night Garden created a great atmosphere for the book that was very memorable. I told myself it might lead to something much better.

Telling the reader that Lucas and Evie are made for each other does not convince me. He shows up just in time for a thrilling climax, but he spends very little time in this book overall. Evangeline was a good person, a sweet woman who is independent and intelligent, and I wanted things to work out for her, but she wasn't distinctive as a character.

Jul 28, Tin rated it really liked it Shelves: Crystal Gardens Book 1 1 10 Sep 23, Will there be more in this series? My husband liked it too Laws should remain constant, not change with whims or there is no tension in the story. I won't be the first long-time Amanda Quick Jayne Ann Krentz fan to voice her disappointment that one of my favorite authors is just 'going through the motions' in her latest release.

While he can behave like a boar, Evangeline begins to soften him.

Crystal Gardens

In fact, it felt like someone else could have studied Quick's MO and written this book. This would probably bother me more if I was reading than when I listen to books. But a finder can manipulate auras? I really enjoyed this story, the first of the trilogy of Ladies of Lantern Street, yet whilst reading it I noticed several plot points that have been used by JAK in previous offerings.

Besides solving murders, attempted murders, thefts, and the mystery of the out-of-control gardens; Evangeline deals with Lucas' stepmother who has dark secrets and a taste for melodrama, the crystzl aunt and the much-younger and scientifically, but not psychically, inclined siblings.

It really read like a rough draft. She used the term 'psychical' excessively. The plot to this story sounded wonderful to me. As with all of Ms. Gardfns think hardcore fans will be a little more tolerant of this book, but I can't. I felt like I was there in the Gardens, which might be a very strange experience indeed.

Crystal Gardens (Ladies of Lantern Street, #1) by Amanda Quick

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This was book 1 in a new series.

We are viewing varying motives of greed, revenge, jealousy, First, the disclaimers. The three of them conversing had me giggling. I wish there were more of this series.

Other books in the series. Indeed, it takes a great amount of skill on the part of the writer to weave a tale like this without it being trippy.

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