Excel gauge charts

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When you select the bar chart data shaded blue and insert a clustered bar chart, the categories are ordered top down in the desired Alpha-Beta-Gamma order, and the legend is also shown in the desired Low-Mid-High order. In this post, we will use a […]. The dashboard you're making isn't for your car or private jet, it's for your business. This dashboard is called dual gauge chart template because it is based on the combination of two speedometers. Plotting the vertical axis in reverse order also caused these series to be entered in the legend in reverse order.

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How to create speedometer/gauge chart in Excel?

To address many of the problems with gauges, Stephen Few started with a simple bar chart and developed Bullet Graphs. The fourth data table controls the ticker of the speedometer. Thanks for the formulas You are in the right place at the right time to learn how to create Excel Gauge charts. You can change the Red, yellow and green zone values freely.

In the range below left the chartss are listed Gamma, Beta, Alpha. On the Format tab, in the Current Selection group, click Format Selection type degrees into Angle of first slice textbox. The result is the barely visible bar at the top of the chart, below left.

Just add chxrts actual data to the products table and the gauge and needle position will be calculated automatically. The following will be an irregular Excel tutorial! They excell up a lot of room to show a single value, and they don't show trends, just a solitary value. We can imagine the great excel dashboard we can create using this solution!

They take up a lot of space to show very little information, and comparisons among several gauges are difficult to judge with any precision. On the picture below on the outer ring you can see the settings of the Plan part — in this case Download the free gauge template.

The Gauge charts are based on the concept of speedometer of the automobiles. We will show you the creation of the gauge chart and all of the articles we have written about this subject in the past years.

For this we use four simple data tables:.

In the first data table there is the performance of the sales representatives their name, actual value and goal value which here we filled out with arbitrary values. It is a serious task to properly determine the key performance indicators and the creation of the connecting KPI dashboard. It would create templates that are spitting images of each other. Very helpful tutorial - worked like a charm! Note that all of the above three steps can be accomplished in Excel in one trip to the Chart Type dialog, but earlier versions need three different formatting steps.

Bullet Charts in Excel (updated and simplified)

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. When we done with this we will do the unique filling of the color zones. Please enter the email address associated with your User account. It works after setting values, for example!

Bullet Charts in Excel (updated and simplified) - Peltier Tech Blog

It is an efficient method to manipulate your data without the need for difficult procedures. Advanced Excel - Gauge Chart Advertisements. Now comes a little bit of Excel Chart Magic. Unfortunately, changing the chart type also resets the angle of the first slice to 0 for the needle. Free Gauge Chart Templates. Your email address will not be published.

We have also used some graphics in order for you to see the almost endless possibilities of the speedometer dashboard. Add a legend middle. Close dialog, right click at the biggest point, and click Format Data Point in context menu.

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