Countdown timer for mobile phone

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February 15, at It counts down or counts up days from a specific event and reminds you of your important occasions. November 11th — 17th, Dominant and successful online businesses such as Ebay, Amazon and Booking. There are dozens of great looking pre-canned styles of widgets to choose from.

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You can use it to count down to your holidays, birthdays, sports events and any other event you can think of.

JavaScript is required to post comments. I made this quick video to show how simple it is to create a countdown and embed in it a blog or website.

Where is countdown timer?

Put it on your screen, pick event date and it will count days or hours to your event. Invalid or incompatible code can break the layout of your web page or display error messages to your visitors.

Maybe they'll wait until they have mmobile information, more money or more time. We run a relatively small website but we see social shares per day of countdowns that are displayed on our website.

Timezone -- Please select -- GMT June 23, at Well guess what, so do your friends, and their friends.

Style Animated Handdrawn Handdrawn 2. August 8, at Countdown Calendar Widget Application: Unlimited number of simultaneous countdowns — unlike other countdown widgets, there are no limits to the number of countdown widgets the user can use at any one time. My Day — Event Countdown Screenshot. Teams use them to coutndown on track and focussed, by ensuring team members have a sense of the time remaining until a critical milestone date.

A timer, counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the date of the event becomes a focal point for everyone involved.

Create a Countdown Clock

Days Matter — Event Countdown http: Promote online sharing Countdowns are "sharing magnets"! Add background photos from your gallery, so you get a slideshow of background images, or use a photo taken with your camera, you can also add your favourite webcam of the location, to see exactly what conditions are like at that time. Recently a Seattle household made the news and went "viral" on Instagram with a simple display of the number of days remaining in Trump's current presidency term.

Complete feature set for a countdown calendar and widgets app: Event promoters and online marketers have reported significant boosts in conversion rates by using an online contdown timer to create urgency and drive action.

Get Holiday and Vacation Countdown Timer Free - Microsoft Store en-GB

Still it is very nice and easy to use timer that can count time intervals up to 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds. The can also change their main image, choosing from hundreds of high resolution clipart images.

You can put any event on your home screen with a nice little widget. You can attach an image for any event; create repetitive events; share events. Page load time is an important factor in visitor satisfaction as well as in search engine ranking algorithms.

The app saves all events history and can show a list of historical events that have occurred on this day. We also use edge caching strategies to deliver your countdowns from the location nearest to each user.

Countdown Calendar Widget Screenshots.

Tom Petty fans were intruiged by a countdown that appeared on the official Tom Petty website in early February 5, at It won't take a moment! Text alignment Left Center Right. Click 'Save' after typing the link. Your email address will not be published.

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