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Group producer Tataee mentioned that the group would employ a new approach to music since the Internet had played a crucial role in the demise of the compact disc -era in the musical industry. Mafia and La Familia. Pantelimon, Bucharest , Romania. We're sorry, but your IP address

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Mafia - Viata Noastra feat. The album included notable guests such as Don Baxter and DJ Freakadadiskmembers of Romanian group Morometzii at the time, who would go on to become two of the most notable figures in Romanian hip hop.

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B.U.G. Mafia

Group producer Tataee had just started collaborating with Eddy "DJ Phantom" Schneider, one of the most well known romanian composers in the s, who helped refine the g-funk sound the group tfei trying to achieve at the time.

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Retrieved March 3, A in the early 90s, the case was the starting point of a media frenzy that would last for over 2 years and bring a lot of unexpected fame for both B. You might have the Hola VPN extension installed.

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We are hoping to eventually work on a solution for this when we have the resources to mavia so. Tataee wanted the group to re-record the vocals for every song that was to be included on the album, while he produced new beats for the updated versions of the tracks. If you don't think that you've done anything to warrant a ban, this is most likely the case.

This company sells your internet traffic jn other people, meaning that other people can use your IP address and can break some of the above rules, causing you to be banned from this site. Mafia after a few live appearances with them in Cum a decurs prima lor intalnire si ce meserii ar fi avut Tataee, Uzzi si Caddy daca nu se apucau de rap".

Over the summer, the group continued studio work on its fourth album, IV: Retrieved August 29, Shortly following their radio debut, Tataee and Caddillac managed to trrei their first live appearance during a local hip hop concert in Bucharest, an experience they would both later remember as unpleasant, but also significantly influential in their choice of pursuing careers as professional musicians. The follow-up to Baietii Buni was only released in as the group embarked in a 6-year-long journey producing and recording rrei greatest hits albums in the first decade of the 21st century.

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Mafia and La Familia. As "Pantelimonu' Petrece" Pantelimon 's Having A Party had been one of their first signature hit-songs, the record was released as a single in mid, with a music video also directed by Marian Crisan. An unexpected success came from the single's b-sidea song entitled "N-ai fost acolo" You weren't therea viral response to critics claiming that the group's lyrics were pure fiction and had no factual basis whatsoever, became mavia massive hit during the summer and provided a strong launch pad for the album's release in September However, group producer Tataee repeatedly mentioned that the break up had not been a friendly one and that he had not maintained any connection to DJ Swamp.

Mafia's last release on Cat Music, their trri label for mafja 14 years, as the group went independent from The album was released in mid by Cat Music and Casa Productions after multiple delays.

After releasing their debut album, controversy surrounded the group regarding recurring use of violent and sexual lyrics and profanity. This page was last edited on 19 Octoberat Casa compilation album to introduce the label's new artists to the world. Despite being independently produced on a modest budget over just a few months intheir debut album Mafia signified the birth of Romanian gangsta rap and established them on the fledgling hip hop scene emerging at the time in Romania.

B.U.G. Mafia Un 2 Si Trei De 0 REMIX 50 CENT by Creazy_8 | Creazy 8 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The group had been interested in founding a record label since the late s so they could obtain more creative control in producing their own music and also sign and develop new artists. It was the first B. The success prompted the making of a music videowhich was the first Romanian hip hop video ever made.

Gangsta rap pioneers La Familia were also interested in joining Casa Productions but a disagreement with the label's management led to a conflict that took both groups to court a couple of years later. Since hip hop was just emerging as a music genre in Romania in the early s, studio time and stage performance opportunities were relatively limited, so the group had to rely on the restricted prospects that presented themselves to record more songs. Following Demeter's bandmate's decision to form another group besides Demonii, the two parted ways and Demeter joined Black Underground in May Group producer Tataee mentioned that the group would employ a new approach to music since the Internet had played a crucial role in the demise of the compact disc -era in the musical industry.

The group's notoriety also prompted some inmates incarcerated at the Rahova State Penitentiary in Bucharest to request a B.

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