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Greeble is a graphic plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max that allows users to insert 3D shapes into their projects in a simple manner. Please read the enclosed "readme" file before installing! In conclusion, Greeble comes across as an efficient graphic plugin that can generate interesting 3D shapes out of regular objects.

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Numeric output linked to the frame number, random decimal, hexadecimal, binary, 7- and segment LED-type and Nixie displays, scrolling messages, values linked via parameter wiring.

Just click the button below to donate via PayPal. Also piping and user-defined widgets and a widget library utility for people who want to design their own components. Tomthanks for the update! If you like, you can help support my local wildlife rehabilitator, Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Centerby making an optional donation via PayPal.

Greeble plugin 3d creator 3d detail Greeble 3ds Detail Creator.

A supplied utility allows creating an infinite greebpe of custom displays! All software provided on an as-is basis with no warranty expressed or implied.

Need an electronic display for that spaceship cockpit or digital clock? Greeble was reviewed by Andreea Matei.

I am working on Greeble2 now, though other projects have higher priority and must come first. Here is a sample movie of some of the things the Displays plugin can do!

Save your work often to prevent loss of work caused by possible crashes.

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It's a great way for 3ds Max users to make a difference for animals. It is recommended to exit Autodesk while performing this operation or restarting 3dw upon completion, for the changes to take effect. Greeble automatically generates a set of quadrilaterals, which can be triangulated at a custom seed value.

Pine View helps hundreds of sick and injured wild animals every year, getting them d3s in shape and returning them to the wild.

Have we got the plug-in for you! Thanks to everyone who donates, and enjoy the plugin!

If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum. You can also enable the render option for increased performance. See Jon Bell's " 3ds max Killer Tips " book for detailed information!

Here is a photo of a snowy owl being released after rehabilitation: Over the past few years, donations on behalf of this simple plugin have brought hundreds of dollars to help support Pineview's mission. This thread has been automatically closed as it remained inactive for 12 months.

Greeble2 has several additional features that make things 3cs cityscape generation, as Josef is doing, MUCH easier. As always a big thanks Tom. The so-called greebles created with this plugin have a high visual impact and the resulting designs can be anything, from cityscapes to spaceship models. The main purpose is to generate simple, yet fun shapes out of regular objects throughout a basic customization process. Click to load comments. This is beta software!

Feb 13th, Freeware.

A fun modifier plug-in useful for generating random detail for spaceship models, cityscapes, Death Stars Contains builds for Max 7 - The plugin is provided free of charge.

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