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Bug fixes and performance improvements. With the Google Assistant, you can make calls, listen to, and even compose text messages with the power of your own voice. Music, mapping, messaging and more, right there for the using.

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Your contacts with addresses Suggested destinations Turn-by-turn navigation Traffic information. Because there is now a connectivity solution to retrofit for most of the Volkswagen models from onwards: Not because of its design, or its construction, it is as you would expect from a copy like VW very well made and functionally very rich.

Always consult owner's manual for maintenance guidelines. The use of the GPS function may reduce your battery running time. Even if you purchased the most expensive model VW currently offers, you get equally horrible service. You can get it at your nearest Volkswagen dealership or online via www.

The vol,swagen comes that VW do not update the app with the status changes. Description Owning a car just got easier.

MyQ Smart Garage Control. It can provide directions along the way, entertain you, and it can call for assistance in the event of an emergency.

Do not use feature to locate stolen vehicle. And the Google Assistant allows you to make calls with ease and even ask your smartphone for information.

Bug fixes for maps and POI search. Logbook function with possibility to mark your business journeys. Your contacts Hands-on-the-wheel control Voicemail Google Assistant. Our order were months apart so it was not a minor glitch. The more we connect, the stode we experience.

You and your Volkswagen. Happily connected.

And Siri allows you to make calls with ease and even ask your iPhone for information. Bug fixes to improve log-in session and vehicle status updates Request a new Vehicle Health Report: Simply plug in your compatible smartphone into the USB data port and watch select apps appear on your dash through the touchscreen display.

Pets at Home - VIP club. App-Connect makes your phone and your car friends. You need Android from version 5. Advantages through connectivity — VW Connect opens new possibilities for you and your car.


Access your contacts just like you would on your iPhone and then use voice control, on select models, to volkswaagen up friends to make plans. Your anonymous data helps us to improve the app for you, step by step.

You need IOS from version 9. Make phone calls Listen and respond to text messages Manage and play music from your compatible smartphone. I enjoyed using Car-Net with a my VW vehicles. Siri Siri allows you to use Apple Maps on your iPhone to find your destination or points of interest and then get turn-by-turn directions with the power of your voice.

‎My Volkswagen on the App Store

Siri allows you to use Apple Maps on your iPhone volkswagrn find your destination or points of interest and then apo turn-by-turn directions with the power of your voice. Always obey speed and traffic laws. The issue has existed over an extended period. Both my friend and myself ordered new VWs and we both had similar experiences with this app, so this is not a chance occurrence. VW, please take this app seriously - it needs major reworking.

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