Chris brown how i feel

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But the situation seems to keep getting bigger. We'll have things fixed soon. What does this song mean to you?

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Everyone thinks that celebrities are super humans with no emotions and they can do whatever and not care but their not.

How I Feel Lyrics [Intro] Yeah, it's how I feel, right It's only me right, ha, it's life, ha [Verse] I was 15, a Virginia nigga with ambition Young but I envisioned fuckin' them bad bitches Live my life with no regretsI try to show respect but you don't give it I guess you don't understand winnin' It might take me a lifetime to take it back And it might take you a lifetime to know the facts Yeah, just 'cause we different, don't mean we distant And if you kill a man, ain't no way chfis bring him back Yeah, they say it's mind over matter But what we livin' for, what really matters?

You gotta check out.

Huh, because fame ain't freedom And this diamond chain only mean they hold you hostage Now I got a lot of offers Tellin' me to wear their clothes and they wanna be my sponsor But when a nigga fall off again, they borwn like "off him" And then they gonna smile up in your face just like "awesome", "great" Wait, police and a thug cannot relate I guess that's why this war on drugs is the debate So I'ma keep on livin' my life from day to day Learn from my mistakes.

Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: We'll have things fixed soon.

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Popping all that pussy, booty bouncing I got a ounce, roll up Wanna see you get loose Take my credit card, thats my account Lamborghini's on me, just so I can see that bitch ride around Everything I do, all the ace in the air, better hide these hoes I do it like a show About an hour forty five and I'm out the door I'm fly as hell with my clientele, my pockets swole Got girls on them niggas, running from them bitches Make a nigga rock n roll I'ma hold my set up Elevate like nigga do better But if one night, I gotta take a life You gon see the residue from my biretta I got way too many bitches on me For me to be lonely To worry about a bitch that might be feel a homie Low key, never that Efel pull up with 40 Back up mothafucka, u act like you know me I be in that trap When a nigga was 13, I did that Saw them jordan 13's Sold an ounce nigga I'm gon get that Got that hunger for that pussy I'm up here, that cloud nine Smoking feel of my shit Now she feeling like she a mile high.

Never gon get it like this Never gon, never gon get it like this I got the bud, You fucked up Bbrown that Future, Lightyears In VIP put your purse right here Ass and your glass up, lets cheer And this party never stops until I fuck every girl in here Okay I'm 23 tryna get billions V. Cock suckers low blowin' under my belt Yeah, they hangin' from the tip They tryna get a sip, don't let them get a grip, I'm pissin' on them myself 19 a nigga went through a tragedy 3 years a nigga just found a better me Yeah, you might find another lover But you always started with Breezy like the letter "B" Nightmares feelin' haunted Thinkin' do I really like this star shit?

Okay now this is for my homies Them niggas that never really had shit Now everything I'm owning You pay me in songs, that's a bad bitch Red chucks and that Cali life My niggas riding for me Rata tatata tatata tatat All them hoes singing Jeep Cherokee And your bitch about to roll out Visit her house, fuck on the couch Touching my dick, girl it's a pull out Popping a molly, fucking with bitches that fool around Smoking that good, we start fuckin, I put it down So baby what's the hold up Ima turn you over But lets turn it like that I know you feel that, feel that, feel that, feel that shit right now.

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Release Date March 9, Chris has been on a roller-coaster ever since the incident with him and Rihanna occurred. But the situation seems to keep getting bigger. Some niggas silver spoon just on a platter And other niggas is doomed just for disaster All alone sleepin' in my bedroom As I wet the sheetsmomma gon' be dead soon 'Cause a man beat her, but he don't realise She important to this family like a fuckin' heirloom Yeah, a nigga still found his way out A record deal came, that nigga played out My momma livin' good, she takin' days out They sayin', "Boy, all that hard work paid off" racks for an hour show But ain't gon' ever do no 60 minute interview 'Cause all you wanna do is twist my words up And all I wanna do is flip my birds up Kinda tipsy off that red rum, murder I'm a singin' ass nigga, know you heard of me Every day my clique stuntin' Niggas talkin' down But I'ma make them brlwn they words up Deel done said all I had to say, what else?

He has apologized to Rihanna and the public millions of times and has stepped up his musical career. Verified Artists All Artists: A nigga on a stage and a nigga paid Niggas better pay me millions Every time that I hit it And I blaze on a winter day What you mean I'm hoggin I'm ballin hard While you other niggas in the lane Tryna violate 3 seconds in the paint 23 I'm MJ Too much I got Fuck nigga that's your problem Open her mouth up, open her mouth up Give me the bottle Oh shit, Your bitch, she about to swallow You smoking weed while I'm boo'ed up Taking two L's Apollo Nigga try to call her tomorrow That number change That's my bitch You crying about it, unfollow Direct message to my dick Cause you never chdis do it like this Never gon, never gon do it like this I was singing as a kid But now I'm 23 with a Clip DJ better play my shit.

Chirs that, won't you feel that Murder, murder Girl I'm gon kill that Throw it in the air Where you live at If I get it tonight You bringing that shit back.

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